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My journey with clay began at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. As a first year student, I made the decision to take a ceramics class and unknowingly discovered one of my true passions. I had not yet realized that the years to follow would be filled with valuable time making clay and glazes, firing kilns, and honing the craft. 


After graduating with degrees in both Art and Psychology, I began working as an art teacher, taking graduate courses in ceramics, and most importantly, raising a family. Presently, I have been blessed with a studio in my home where I continue to work with clay, finding tranquility at my wheel. 


Every piece of stoneware pottery I create begins with a lump of clay. It is shaped by hand on the potter's wheel through a process known as “throwing," but it does not end there. Each piece is trimmed, slowly dried, fired, glazed and re-fired. Beauty is found in the uniqueness of a vessel, as no two pieces will be exactly the same. I create mainly functional pottery, which provides a wonderful opportunity for art to be a part of one's daily life. My vessels are simple forms, complemented by glazes that perform their own magic when fired in the kiln.

Whether my pieces are for your home or gifted to another, may they be used and enjoyed as much as I loved creating each one.

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